Hi !   
I'm Gizem, a graduate student of Synthetic Biology at MIT, with a background in Computation (MIT) and Architecture (ITU). My research focus is self-organization in social and biological systems.
This website is an online record of my creative works ranging from design of cybernetic urban spaces to engineering of  organisms with novel functions. *this website is currently under construction*


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Here, the course of creative production is expressed through its main 'pillars' in a relatively chronological order to enable the viewer to navigate through the products easily. At this point, it is important to underline the fact that this representation owes its structure to purely practical reasons; it does not reflect my methodology of design. I do not embrace a chain model which requires the designer to follow certain steps and straight reasoning in order to reach the 'final' design. I believe it is more important to pursue the approach of 'parallel processing', which enables one to scrutinize the design problem across various scales simultaneously.